I am the woman you always dreamed of. I am strong, powerful and intelligent. I ooze dominance, sensuality and sex appeal. I am glamorous, beautiful and articulate. I am a sex Goddess who adores and deserves your worship.

If your desire is to be dominated by a curvaceous stunningly beautiful woman and are in desperate need of some real and meaningful punishment from a true world-class Dominatrix, you have arrived at the right place.

100% English, I have travelled the world as a professional Dominatrix, taking care of my guests of every race, creed and kink. I am in the fortunate position to love my job, so while I don’t need to work, I choose to do what pleases me. And this is it.

I adore this life and I want to make it fun for all my guests. BDSM should be a game where everyone wins. Yes, a scene might be intense, but it can also be funny and filled with witty banter.

By now I am sure you understand just how much I love my work. Enacting your desire and fanaticises with you is a very great pleasure. However, my enjoyment of “my work” runs deeper than this as I can relate to what it is like to “be different” and be outside the norms of our vanilla world. I understand your desires as they match and complement my own, for I am a true Sadist…

I love men and I love to create experiences that enhance both our lives. A great scene isn’t just erotic and exciting, though every scene with me is absolutely that! A truly great scene lives in your memory and touches you deep in the mind and the spirit.

When you gaze across my gorgeous cleavage and into my dark brown eyes, then feel my breath on your cheek and listen to me whisper instructions to you in my perfect English accent that you crave to obey, that is sex. That is power. That is Me.


London reservations: 0203 002 0143

Marbella reservations: +34 673 627 076