Mature fun and games in London

As a mature woman, I love working with people who appreciate the select pleasures that mature women have to offer. Classic Courtesans in London get it. Their business is with mature London escorts as well as London Mistresses, but they understand that men often want something other than just young London escorts. Some men (those with taste!) want ladies with a bit more about them; they are looking for classy mature London escorts rather than simply high-class London escorts.

A London escort agency that works exclusively with mature London escorts might sound as though it is really niche. But you would be surprised just how popular mature women in London actually are. There are a number of reasons for that.

Women are taking better fare of themselves and look very different than their mothers at the same age. Monica Bellucci is a very sexy Bond girl in her 50s. Mature women in their 40s, 50s and 60s look better and sexier than their mothers did in the 30s. MILFs are sexy! So sexy that the term MILF had to be invented!


53 year old Bette Davis


53 year old Kelly Preston

Many of the sexiest celebrities and film stars are mature women. In 1962 Bette Davis played a broken down decrepit actress in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”. She was 53 when the film was made.

Compare that to the 53 year old Kelly Preston and you will see what I mean. MILFs are hot! And MILF escorts in London are even hotter! And what we see on the silver screen or the TV directly impacts what we desire in real life.

We are all living longer and older men (while undoubtedly attracted to young flesh) often feel too weird to be with a girl young enough to be their daughter or grand-daughter. Much better, relaxing and sexier to spend erotic time with a sexy mature woman of appropriate age.

Mature escorts in London frankly have more experience and skill in the bedroom than their younger sisters! They are more broad-minded, have greater experience and with that experience comes skill. The 10,ooo hour rule of how to become world-class in an activity applies to love making as much as chess!

And the good people at Classic Courtesans in London understand what makes men and women click, so they can make sure that everyone gets exactly what they are looking for. They are professionals in the London escort agency business and know that reputation is everything. They under-promise and over deliver instead of the other way round!

So if you are looking for a great erotic time with a mature London escort who really knows how to show a man a good time, talk to Classic Courtesans in London


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