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17 Nov

English Law and Hooking

The only occasion a mature escort runs into legal problems in London is if she shares a apartment or condo with one more girl so that these individuals can make one another safer. Then these people are carrying on a brothel and may possibly be detained. Which is just not right.

As for “plain sexual activity” there is no limit to the means in and that a woman can outline her ministrations, the postures and varieties she will make available, her asking prices and settings and everything else she might choose. As long as it is presented in an adult-only channel. She can reveal photos of herself partially nude, naked, in corsets or swimsuit or entirely dressed. Just about anything she thinks will attract the right kind of patron. A woman can also reveal images or video clips of herself acting out sex-related acts on her own or with other people. Provided that everybody in them has offered their agreement and there is no subject matter that could go against any other laws.

A contemporary British television programme demonstrated that in excess of 90% of British women and men in their 20s still presumed that it was illegal to be a London escort. These people did not understand that any girl can peddle sex anytime she wishes provided she pays for her taxes and does not violate other legislation along the way.

So a woman can showcase that she is content to carry out oral sex without needing a contraceptive (Oral Without or OWO), that she is contented for a male patron to unload into her mouth (Cum In Mouth or CIM). A male can surf specifically for a female who is more than happy to do butt sex (A levels) or possibly go down on him and lap against his arse and handle analingus (Rimming, or tossing the salad. I have no idea why the last expression applies. My creativeness stops working completely at that point!).

In contrast to the common view, offering sexual activity in England is fully legal. Shopping for sexual activity is London is completely legal. Obviously, both parties must be of legal age, engaging voluntarily, and can not have been subject to any variety of human trafficking. And soliciting in the road is banned, as is advertising in telephone boxes. That very last could seem to be unusual to any person who does not recall the difficulty of opening up the door to London phone booths in the 80s because they were so chock full of postcards that the entrance barely worked!

But that aside, a young lady is utterly at liberty to sell her erotic services as a London escort. And a gentleman is totally permitted to engage the services of high class escorts (or an astonishingly poor level London slattern!) at any time these individuals wish, to do just about anything that these people choose. Girls can publicize on the internet and be as obvious as these people decide on, given that the selling and acquisition of intimate ministrations is totally within the legislation. But lots of people do not realise it.

26 Oct

Different Styles of Hookers in Madrid & Barcelona

Amongst the important things which is usually particularly enjoyable for any individual such as myself who collaborates with polished hooker lassies plus leading prostitute agencies in places as mixed as Paris, London, Ibiza, Mallorca and the Balearics, Barcelona, Madrid, together with Madrid is definitely the variance of the escort women which each and every community tempts to strive in such different location.

Barcelona working girls are usually incredibly diverse. Hungarian ladies dominate to a very similar proportion that girls from south America do around Madrid, as well as central and South Americans are definitely rare on the ground. And perhaps even more unusual within the bedrooms! A lot of the Eastern European working girls have lived in Italy for a decade, paying a visit to Barcelona purely for the cold weather, as well as would absolutely pretend to be generally Italian. Within a city as sophisticated as Barcelona that undoubtedly makes sense. Most notably as, to be without a doubt up front (nevertheless politically unseemly), Girls form the former eastern bloc do not come with a terrific brand. And so once more, if you are normally hunting for the flat out finest puta Barcelona might turn out you are actually likely to be without a doubt talking to a Romanian woman who has a hot Italian lilt to her voice!

Virtually every local market also tempts ladies out of all forms of ancestries as well as heritages besides. Needlessly to say Spanish females are generally highly routine when it comes to Spain, still. British lassies are really a genuine rarity when it comes to Madrid and Barcelona. Georgian and also Colombian females are definitely therefore common as call girls when it comes to Barcelona that it essentially appears that it is really compulsory for virtually every exquisite lady out of these states to do work in the sexuality arena at some stage. Eastern Europeans generally are normally surprisingly common and also considerably sought-after, encompassing these hailing from Latvia, Russia, Lithuania, Hungary, Ukraine, Estonia, Poland and Slovakia.

And yet what is actually basically stimulating is generally the manner in which divergent operating regions pull in escort babes of the very same origin, still, differ markedly from each other. It looks to be which birds of a feather truly do huddle together, particularly attractive creatures that dress in plumes!

Every locale naturally acquires a wide array of working girls, out of the young and new to the cultured as well as professional bounds of the market place; as well as anything imaginable and unbelievable somewhere between those twain! Young, middle aged, old. Olive-brown lean as well as firm, shapeless and also podgy, statuesque as well as pocket-sized, brunettes, redheads, blonds and also tinted several shades. Dominants as well as passive, unconventional or truly conservative, right into females and threesomes or absolutely straight, delight in their calling as well as undeniably get off on fucking a huge amount of blokes, or a fantastic undressed diva that just persuades swains which they are normally lustful lions while at the same time she is really planning the housekeeping list for the next day.

Madrid hookers, for instance, are definitely mainly from South america. The large majority of the girls working for every one of the influential call-girl organizations when it comes to Madrid are definitely of South and Central American source. It’s possible that the nearness geographically of Portugal which enjoys traditionally close imperialistic bonds with the country of Brazil helps? And yet at any given instant the foremost putas Madrid can put forward are generally tremendously more than likely to come with the curvy bodies and also enchanting disposition that are really frequently referred to (still, turn out to be unquestionable!) of females originating the homes of samba and rumba.

10 May

Summer is coming to Marbella

The spring weather in Marbella can be a little rubbish. Rains like no-one in England would ever believe, high winds and thunder and lightning that is something like a Hollywood disaster movie. But at least its warm, which is more than can be said for most pf Northern Europe at this time of year, with the exception of the odd short warm spell.

tumblr_ndyp3i0Lom1thtw9yo1_500The spring marks a change in the seasons as the wild barley comes out – which looks delightfully like a scene from Gladiator as it waves in the wind – but it has long needle-sharp spines with a vicious spiral threaded surface that means they stick in like sewing needles and then burrow their way in. They hurt so much and in such a way that I am trying to fond a way to incorporate them into some of games with my pain sluts.

The leaves suddenly appear on the pecan trees – and I do mean suddenly. One day there are bare limbs, the next next buds, and two days later a full head of leafy hair. Orange and lemon blossom is out. The bees are buzzing around and their hives are moved from place to place so that they can pollinate the orange groves.

And the change in the seasons also brings a change in the sex business. The sap is not the only thing that starts to rise at an increasing rate as the days get warmer. Men might not (strictly speaking) have periods. But they are definitely affected by the warm sun on the back of their necks. At times it feels as though their cocks are inflamed by the mercury in the thermometer!

And with the rise in men’s…interest comes the increase in the number of visitors to Marbella, Puerto Banus, Estepona, Sotogrande and the whole of the Costa Del Sol. Lots of horny men looking for entertainment and relaxation. And that inevitably means girls.

So my friends at 2nd Circle Escorts Marbella are gearing up for the season ahead. And if I make that sound like a military campaign that is because in many ways it is! Its is certainly a major exercise. The girls start to arrive gradually and then almost overnight, Marbella and the Costa Del Sol are flooded with sexy high-class escorts.

The clients soon follow. Every experienced person in the escort business knows a simple thing about marketing sex. All things being equal, if you can attract the girls then you will attract the clients. In the case of a sex business, it is literally true that if you build it they will cum.

So my friends are beavering away so that as many people as possible can spend the summer beavering away.

21 Mar


If you like the visual and “costume” elements of the lifestyle – dressing in latex, pvc, corsets, stockings, thigh boots, stack heels, Ibiza is pretty much heaven.

If you are actually into the scene in a real and meaningful way, good luck!

If you love fetish wear, then the clubs in Ibiza will welcome you with open arms. Almost nowhere will have any issue with anything that might be seen at Fetish Garden


Just a normal Tuesday in Ibiza

Ushuaia, Space or Amnesia will welcome you and probably applaud you for the effort! In fact, fetish wear is probably more demure than the way a lot of the party girls in Ibiza dress for an average Wednesday night in Ibiza.

As an aside, its been said that the best way to spot the difference between a “civilian” and a prostitute in Ibiza during the summer is that the civilians will be the ones dressed like hookers!

But for those looking for serious fetish and BDSM experiences in Ibiza, I am afraid the cupboard is disappointingly bare. Its very much not like with my friends in the Marbella escort world, who will always have options for you. In the Ibiza escort world, it is much more about high-class escorts and escort party girls. Basic sex, in other words, however nicely and classily packaged.


You look lovely, dears. Now get on your knees.

And you will appreciate that while I like vanilla ice cream as much as the next girl (depending on who the next girl is), vanilla sex is not really my scene. I am not bothered whether we are in a nightclub, a beautiful apartment, a villa in the hills or on a yacht. I like my men where they should be – at my feet and on their knees. And honestly, Ibiza is a little disappointing for that type of lovely activity. Other than with whomever I have brought with me of course!

There are some agencies I know and trust whose banners I have allowed below. I have worked with them and found them to be incredibly professional. They get the scene and understand what kinksters are about; even though they don’t get enough call to make it worthwhile someone like me being there all the time. But the are lovely people. And I suspect that one of the owners has a secret side that I might well approve of massively – you know who you are!

So, the world of sex on Ibiza island in my nutshell:

If you are looking for a “civilian” and are willing to spend your money with no guarantee of return on your investment, or of the quality of the sex you will have, then Ibiza is literally wall-to-wall with girls looking to party. If you cant get laid in Ibiza you really, really need to get out more.



There are lots of sexy Ibiza escorts who will very happily and competently (with varying degrees of enthusiasm) blow and bonk your brains out.

Prices for the lovely escort girls range between 40 euros for a quickie (and not worth the money – you’d get a much better experience from Mrs Palm and her five lovely daughters) to 1,000 euros an hour for Vogue models and minor celebrities. Ho0nestly, you are paying for the photo op when you meet them.

Somewhere in the middle are excellent high-class escorts and porn stars who will give you the time of your life (if you like vanilla!) for 250 to 500 euros for the hour.

Dozens of “houses” – that’s brothels to you and me, dear, just like here in Marbella - but most of them very transactional and/or fronts for various organisations who need a legal money-laundering front… there are some great girls there but you have to hunt.

Likewise there are dozens of escort agencies in Ibiza. Just google them. Where there is a huge nightlife scene and lots of yachts there will always be escort agencies. But there are very few really good Ibiza escort agencies. I only recommend two, whether you are looking for vanilla, chocolate or the whole menu.

So that is it, really. Ibiza. Beautiful place with fantastic hotels and great nightclubs. Lots of gorgeous women (and men). Lashings and lashings of sex available from all sorts of sources. Not a lot of lashings though. Damn.


ibiza es banner


ibiza net banner









19 Jan

High Class London Escorts

As a professional domme, my work crosses over with a lot of London escort agencies. I even let some represent me. I have cut back considerably because, to be honest, the majority of London escort agencies are unprofessional idiots. But there are exceptions.

Classic Courtesans are very good for clients looking for mature London escort or mature Mistress. 2nd Circle have their international division for Marbella escorts and others who are traveling and they really know what they are doing. I have used them to provide some very high class London escorts for client scenes. And they have also secured me some lovely bookings. And my friends at Elite London Escorts are extremely good with high class London escorts and finding really good clients for London escorts.

tumblr_ndyp3i0Lom1thtw9yo1_500As I have mentioned previously, it is a bit of a minefield for clients looking for classy and beautiful women in London. Too many agencies are filled with eastern European girls (no problem with that!) who are described as English, or girls whose photos have been so Photoshopped as to be meaningless. Or worst of all, photos of models who have never worked with the agency and may not even be London escorts, but their photos are used to get bookings and then – using bait and switch – another girl turns up at the clients door. I suppose the idea is that an angry cock would rather be in the wrong person that no person. But it is still an appalling and unprofessional approach. But very common among London escort agencies.

So when I am asked, I always recommend sticking with a London escort agency that actually does what they are supposed to. Once you have found one that works for you, stick with them. If you like variety in your female companions, work your way through their portfolio rather than shopping between agencies!

And if I am asked for a specific recommendation, that is easy. Elite London Escorts do exactly what their name implies. They work with very high class London escorts and they require absolute professionalism from both their London escorts and their Receptionists. Incidentally, they also expect it from their clients. So if you´re planning on being a dick about being a bad boy, don’t call them!

18 Jan

Mature fun and games in London

As a mature woman, I love working with people who appreciate the select pleasures that mature women have to offer. Classic Courtesans in London get it. Their business is with mature London escorts as well as London Mistresses, but they understand that men often want something other than just young London escorts. Some men (those with taste!) want ladies with a bit more about them; they are looking for classy mature London escorts rather than simply high-class London escorts.

A London escort agency that works exclusively with mature London escorts might sound as though it is really niche. But you would be surprised just how popular mature women in London actually are. There are a number of reasons for that.

Women are taking better fare of themselves and look very different than their mothers at the same age. Monica Bellucci is a very sexy Bond girl in her 50s. Mature women in their 40s, 50s and 60s look better and sexier than their mothers did in the 30s. MILFs are sexy! So sexy that the term MILF had to be invented!


53 year old Bette Davis


53 year old Kelly Preston

Many of the sexiest celebrities and film stars are mature women. In 1962 Bette Davis played a broken down decrepit actress in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”. She was 53 when the film was made.

Compare that to the 53 year old Kelly Preston and you will see what I mean. MILFs are hot! And MILF escorts in London are even hotter! And what we see on the silver screen or the TV directly impacts what we desire in real life.

We are all living longer and older men (while undoubtedly attracted to young flesh) often feel too weird to be with a girl young enough to be their daughter or grand-daughter. Much better, relaxing and sexier to spend erotic time with a sexy mature woman of appropriate age.

Mature escorts in London frankly have more experience and skill in the bedroom than their younger sisters! They are more broad-minded, have greater experience and with that experience comes skill. The 10,ooo hour rule of how to become world-class in an activity applies to love making as much as chess!

And the good people at Classic Courtesans in London understand what makes men and women click, so they can make sure that everyone gets exactly what they are looking for. They are professionals in the London escort agency business and know that reputation is everything. They under-promise and over deliver instead of the other way round!

So if you are looking for a great erotic time with a mature London escort who really knows how to show a man a good time, talk to Classic Courtesans in London