Whether in London or Marbella, all sessions must be pre-booked. No drop-ins please! Please contact me either using the form below or on the following numbers:

London reservations: 0203 002 0143

Marbella reservations: +34 673 627 076

A session is at least one hour. I do not do half hour sessions.

Depending on the type of play involved, the usual rates are:

London: £250 per hour

Marbella: €200 per hour

When you arrive, or better still prior to your arrival, we will discuss your interests and limits. Our session will always be tailor-made to your individual needs so we can both get the most satisfaction out of play time. Each session will be as unique and individual as you are. I will understand your fantasies and exactly what type of session you will enjoy.

Or I can just use you for my amusement! While I will take your comments on board, what actually happens is completely up to me! Expect to feel truly used and abused – and know that you will be on your knees crawling back for more.

My toys include: St. Andrews Cross, Bondage Chair, 6ft long isolation cage

CP Equipment: (Floggers, Crops, Canes, Whips)

My Restraints: Leather Straps for arms & legs, Rope Cuffs, Chain restraints, Leg Spreaders & Handcuffs, Masks, Gags, Leashes, Clamps & Nipple Clamps.

Cross Dressing – Shoes, Clothes, Wigs, Stockings & Make-Up

Then there are butt plugs, vibrators, douches, dildos …

All limits and boundaries will be respected in a safe, sane and mutually agreeable session.  Mutual enjoyment is important and guaranteed!

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