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12 Apr

Escorts And Drugs

There are some really good parts to working with some of the best escort agencies in the world, including those in Ibiza including the Ibiza Beauties from The Ibiza Escort Agency. The end of season parties are a bit special for one thing, and it is interesting that my work “forces” me to spend time with some of the most sexy, most beautiful and most desirable women in the world. Poor me. It really is amazing what you can earn money doing if you are lucky enough or creative enough.

escort wearing white string bikini lying on side on bedOne other thing that makes it fun are the stories; most of which I could not possibly share for reasons of confidentiality. Client confidentiality is critical when working with high-class escort agencies and anything that could identify a client is strictly forbidden. Quite rightly and for obvious reasons. Equally, good escort agencies are very protective of the identities of their escorts, even when they are “out there” public figures such as porn stars, glamour models and Playboy centre folds.

So I cannot share any client stories with you, but I can give you a couple of examples of how challenging it can be working in the high-speed world of an escort agency in a town such as Ibiza, where 90% of the business takes place between the start of may and the end of September. That means that during the summer season everything is accelerated, including peoples expectations.

It is also exacerbated by the presence of illicit substances such as cocaine. In Ibiza cocaine is pretty much ubiquitous. You can not walk more than twenty yards down the road in Playa Dén Bossa during the summer without some very polite drug dealer hitting you up and offering a whole buffet of narcotics. So if you are the type of high roller that can afford expensive top of the line call girls then getting high quality drugs is easy. And along with the apparently pleasant effects of that drug – I am not able to attest to those as I do not use and have never used any kind of drug – one of the negative effects is a combination of paranoia and altered perception of time. Which, along with the enormous ego boost, mean that clients are basically screaming down the phone every thirty seconds saying “Where is she? Where is she? Where is she?”

12 Apr

Marketing Beauty And Sexiness

In my work as a marketer, am I willing to take advantage of the beauty bias and the positive qualities that people expect from people who are attractive? Of course I do. Why would you even ask? I am helping my clients sell the the time and companionship of beautiful women. And even when a man is just looking to be entertained for an hour, rather than looking for a companion overnight or longer, you would be amazed just how many men want to spend time with a woman who is interesting, fun and intelligent; not just someone who looks blindingly hot in Agent Provocateur!

vOne thing that is fortunate for my escort agency clients, though, is the simple fact that when a woman is beautiful and has sex appeal, she is perceived to also have other positive traits such as intelligence and charm – until she proves otherwise! Which means that though a client might ask whether an escort is funny and fun, they have already decided based on just looks that those traits must already be there. Which is why the really clever agencies such as Marbella Beauties have their escorts fully clothed in some of their photo shoots as well as the ubiquitous lingerie shots. It covers the angles and approaches every type of client.

It is amazing how easy it is to manipulate people´s perceptions, especially men’s and especially when it comes to men and sex. It is so straight forward to shift perception and belief just through changing the visuals, even in a simple way. The cliché of a woman taking off her glasses, taking a hair grip out of her hair and shaking it lose to produce the exclamation “why, miss Jones, you are so beautiful!” is not actually that far off the mark, to be honest. All you have to do is put a little black dress on over the black lace lingerie and she will become more intelligent and sophisticated. I despair sometimes.

So what is the bottom line? Just because a woman is wearing a simple knee length black dress and black patent heels does not mean that she is classy and intelligent. But it does mean that men will think she is unless she goes out of her way to disabuse them!

01 Apr

The Global Melting Pot Of Sex

Successful escort agency firms such as 2nd Circle Escorts Madrid do not just represent latin chicas or Scandinavian ice-queens. They will also represent women of every race and physical type. It has to be said, though that, political correctness having little part in a hard-nosed commercial industry, there is in reality little call for a BBW, – Big Beautiful Woman. It would be nice to say that larger and more curvaceous Rubenesque woman can attract clients with their curves, great skin, charm and looks. But in reality, they are effectively a niche fetish. I wish it were not so, but that is the way it is in the reality based community in which escort agencies work. But blondes, redheads, brunettes. Petite or tall, skinny or Amazonian, curvy or athletic, fashion-model slim or glamour-model busty, I can guarantee a good market for any and all of those women.

two escort girls in bedroom one on bed wearing silk blindfols other with back to camera wearing black g-stringLikewise, the clients of escort firm in Europe, and especially in cosmopolitan capital cities such as Madrid, come from every part of the world (pun intended). Obviously there are a lot of Brits and Irish clients for a firm such as 2nd Circle Madrid, which is owned and run by native English speaking Brits. But they also attract clients from Canada, the United States, Mexico and various latin American countries. Clearly the main bulk of clients throughout the year are from Northern Europe; countries such as France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany.

Increasingly Eastern European men and couples are a major market for them, including visitors and new Spanish residents from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Latvia and Estonia. And in the summer (though less and less each year) the Arab and North African clients contribute a huge financial hit to the Madrid economy and firms such as 2nd Circle Escort as they come to Spain for cool weather (!), good shopping and easy morals. Visitors include men from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Doha and Qatar. There are even a few visitors from Asia and Australasia every year for various reasons.

But wherever they come from, the philosophy of a good Madrid escort agency will be the same as that of the Hard Rock Cafe. “Love All, Serve All”.

01 Apr

Shagging Our Way To World Peace

There was a song by a band called Blue Mink back in the late sixties which had a lovely sentiment in its chorus and a well meant theme that is slightly ruined now by the most staggering collection of racial, ethnics and religious slurs sprinkled throughout the verses. It really is amazing how what is socially and culturally acceptable can change in such a relatively short period of time. Just ask Kevin Spacey or Harvey Weinstock. But the chorus of the song is still cool, as was the lead singers bald head.

“What we need is a great big melting pot
Big enough to take the world and all it’s got
And keep it stirring for a hundred years or more
And turn out coffee colored people by the score”

vWell, the wonderful people who run escort agencies in Barcelona and the rest of Spain, such as 2nd Circle Escorts Barcelona are clearly doing their best to live up to the racially indifferent theme of the hippy-age song (but without the pregnancies required for the coffee colored people!). And indeed, the sex industry is probably one of the most open minded and race-blind industries that you can possibly imagine. It genuinely does not matter what race, age, size, nationality, religion you are. Not does your sexual identity, sexual fetish or sexual taste. Whoever and whatever you are, there will be a client who wants to pay to have sexual activity of some kind with you. And conversely, it does not matter who you are as a client or what you want to do to get off, someone will supply it. The only issues might be price and timing.

The girls and women who are represented by agencies such as these arrive in the Europe, Spain and Barcelona from everywhere you can imagine; Europe, North America, South America, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, Asia, Australasia, Africa and the Indian subcontinent. At any given time, a good Barcelona escort agency will probably have at least one representative of every race and physical type imaginable. In the same way that human beings vary, so do peoples sexual preferences and their tastes and requirements from their ideal partner. And escort agencies have to allow for the varying tastes of their clientele, or they have to specialise in providing one particular type of escort or one particular type of sexual service. Which is why there are agencies who work with nothing but tall blond escort girls, and others who do nothing but kink and fetish business, specialising in representing Mistresses and Dominatrices. Firms like 2nd Circle take the opposite route and remain defiantly generalist and mainstream.

01 Apr

There Is An App For That

I heard a funny story the other day from one of the drivers for Allys Angels working in Ibiza transporting escort girls and clients. He had been off visiting one of the very high-end hotels around Ibiza to take credit card payments from a client who was meeting three girls at a time, for twelve hours at a time, and had been rotating through them for a few days with remarkable stamina and an apparently limitless credit card.

escort girl using tablet computerThis driver is not the usual meat head that people expect. He has run a lot of businesses in the past and has a background in marketing for many years after his time in the British armed services. And all of this before working for Allys Angels. Anyway, as theses things go he was invited to sit down and have a chat and a sandwich with the client (who probably just needed to speak with someone with a Y chromosome) the client started discussing the sleek Point Of Sale (POS) machine that was in use and got very enthusiastic about an app that someone should develop that allows clients to spend time with a beautiful woman without having to directly use a credit card. Everything could be paid directly through the app. Like Uber.

The driver was nodding and agreeing and making a joke about names; “Shagger? Groper? Girl-u-Like?” when the client suddenly got a serious look on his face and looked slightly offended. Never good, so my friend was about to make his excuses and leave, when the client started explaining that yes he was in Marbella on holiday but actually he was a tech investor and had had an early stage investment role in a few quite well known companies…Tumblr, Timder, Twitter, Uber … and then gave him his business card.

And yes, everything he said about his background is true. And he has been back in touch since discussing using my friend, as well as both Allys Angels and Ibiza Beauties as technical consultants. So maybe in just a short while there really will be an app for everything including, the words of Tom Cruise playing Joel Goodsen in Risky Business “human fulfillment”.

01 Apr

Sex Technology

One of the things that unites human beings the world over is their desire to hook up with other human beings and have sex with them. It is a well known fact that the internet is run by cats to distribute sex and porn to humans. Though no-one is quite sure why cats want to do that, humans seem happy enough to let them get away with it. Apart from the United States Senate and their various local, State and Federal prosecutors who seem determined that anything to do with sex, and especially financially procured sex, must be related to people trafficking and therefore prohibited and banned. Weird people, American politicians.

escort in towel studying on tabletIn the technology field, pretty much every piece of technology, each new breakthrough in software or new app has rapidly been adapted to, or simply used for, distributing porn, allowing humans to “hook up” and have amateur sex, or for escort agencies such as 2nd Circle Marbella escorts and Marbella Beauties from The Marbella escort Agency to attract new clients and talent. For financially secured sex and companionship. Hardly surprising, given the interest that humans have in sex that most technology will in one way or another be used for getting sex or for new ways of having sex.

This trend reached its current zenith with apps such as Tinder, which started out as a rival to conventional dating sites such as but has now become all about the sex. Relationships be damned, I want to hook up now! Swipe, swipe, swipe…

Streaming video was developed first and foremost for the porn industry. And then it moved to cam girls, and thence to TV programmes with Amazon, Netflix and everyone else using the same basic technology that was developed so that weird people could watch porn on the tube or train rather than waiting till they got home. So streaming video started with people watching stuff that got them hot and sexed up. And it has ended (so far) with “Netflix and chill”. Funny old world, really. People of both – all -sexes like sex. And the more the law makers try to make it difficult for people to get to watch sex or get sex, the more technology will develop to stay ahead of whatever the moralistic ass wipes try to do.