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10 May

Summer is coming to Marbella

The spring weather in Marbella can be a little rubbish. Rains like no-one in England would ever believe, high winds and thunder and lightning that is something like a Hollywood disaster movie. But at least its warm, which is more than can be said for most pf Northern Europe at this time of year, with the exception of the odd short warm spell.

tumblr_ndyp3i0Lom1thtw9yo1_500The spring marks a change in the seasons as the wild barley comes out – which looks delightfully like a scene from Gladiator as it waves in the wind – but it has long needle-sharp spines with a vicious spiral threaded surface that means they stick in like sewing needles and then burrow their way in. They hurt so much and in such a way that I am trying to fond a way to incorporate them into some of games with my pain sluts.

The leaves suddenly appear on the pecan trees – and I do mean suddenly. One day there are bare limbs, the next next buds, and two days later a full head of leafy hair. Orange and lemon blossom is out. The bees are buzzing around and their hives are moved from place to place so that they can pollinate the orange groves.

And the change in the seasons also brings a change in the sex business. The sap is not the only thing that starts to rise at an increasing rate as the days get warmer. Men might not (strictly speaking) have periods. But they are definitely affected by the warm sun on the back of their necks. At times it feels as though their cocks are inflamed by the mercury in the thermometer!

And with the rise in men’s…interest comes the increase in the number of visitors to Marbella, Puerto Banus, Estepona, Sotogrande and the whole of the Costa Del Sol. Lots of horny men looking for entertainment and relaxation. And that inevitably means girls.

So my friends at 2nd Circle Escorts Marbella are gearing up for the season ahead. And if I make that sound like a military campaign that is because in many ways it is! Its is certainly a major exercise. The girls start to arrive gradually and then almost overnight, Marbella and the Costa Del Sol are flooded with sexy high-class escorts.

The clients soon follow. Every experienced person in the escort business knows a simple thing about marketing sex. All things being equal, if you can attract the girls then you will attract the clients. In the case of a sex business, it is literally true that if you build it they will cum.

So my friends are beavering away so that as many people as possible can spend the summer beavering away.